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So You're Having a Baby! E-mail


If you've had the baby already, MAZEL TOV! If you are still expecting, our custom is to extend the blessing, "B'sha'ah tova!" - "May you be blessed with your baby at the most propitious time!"

In my long career as a mohel, I have discovered differing attitudes of prospective parents. Some are very inquisitive and detail-oriented, and would like to know everything there is to know about a bris and their mohel. Others prefer not to know the details, other than that their mohel is experienced and comes highly recommended.

For either kind of parent, I hope you will find this web site useful in planning your son's bris. Bear in mind that this web site is only the starting point; I am always available to confer with you through e-mail (), by phone (323-525-1998), or to meet with you in person (by appointment). I am always happy to meet new parents and am very good at reassuring you that you will be just wonderful at your new job!

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