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Pidyon HaBen (Redemption of the Firstborn)

Is this your first-born? If so, you may be eligible for a second mitzvah to be held a few weeks after his bris, known as the Pidyon HaBen. Don't worry - this one isn't surgical and is completely painless! The Torah tells us that the first fruits of our womb and our fields belong to God, as a way of acknowledging that all blessings in life emanate from Heaven. The ramifications of your first-born son "belonging" to God is that he must be "purchased" back, or redeemed, by a Kohen, a descendant of Aaron the High Priest.

This ceremony is done on the 31st day of the baby's life, and is usually a festive event that warrants another celebration with family and friends.

Who is eligible? You qualify for this mitzvah if:

a. Your son was born vaginally (i.e., not by Caesarean section)

b. This is the first issue of your womb; you did not have any miscarriages prior to this baby

c. Both mother and father are Israelites; if either the father or the mother is a Kohen or a Levi, the baby is exempt from this mitzvah

The good news is that Rabbi Korobkin is a Kohen. Upon request, I will perform the Pidyon HaBen as a complimentary service to all my patients. Give me a ring and we'll go over the details.

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