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Welcome to Rabbi Korobkin's Rabbinical Web Site. Here you can find more information about Rabbi Korobkin's Rabbinical services.

Read Rabbi Korobkin's articles and news items by clicking here.

To listen to a sampling of Rabbi Korobkin's lectures online at jewisheverything.net, click here.

To listen to Rabbi Korobkin's 5-part series on The Kuzari at Maayon Yisroel, click here.

See an amazing 6-minute film (produced by Rabbi Korobkin) that will change how you pray over the High Holidays, by going to WhoShallLive.com.

The Kuzari

Now available!
The Kuzari: In Defense of the Despised Faith
2nd Edition (completely revised)
by Feldheim Publishers!

Order your copy of the standard edition now by clicking here.

Order the compact student edition by clicking here.

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